[How to make soft tofu in Northeast China]_Recommended diet

[How to make soft tofu in Northeast China]_Recommended diet

Tofu slip is a common method of making tofu in Northeast China. The method of making tofu slip is relatively simple, but the taste is very delicious. It tastes soft and tender and slippery.

The nutritional value of tofu is very high. It becomes protein and is suitable for various trace elements. It has a good effect on nourishing the body and improving the immunity level. Let ‘s take a look at the practice of Tofu in Northeast China. Let ‘s take a look at this.Aspect.

Prepare 1 piece of brine tofu, prepare appropriate amount of fungus, prepare onion ginger, prepare soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and cold water.

First clean the purchased brine tofu, then cut into small cubes and soak in the brine for more than ten minutes. The advantage of soaking in brine is that the tofu will not fall apart when the tofu is fried, and the tofu is still tender.
Soak the fungus in advance, remove the roots and rinse well.

Prepare seasoning juice, put green onions in a small bowl, add sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, and add two teaspoons of boiling water.

Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan. When the oil temperature reaches 50%, add ginger and stir-fry the scent. Then put the tofu in the pan, fry it carefully, do not break the tofu, and fry the surface of the tofu.When making golden color, add seasoning juice at this time, then boil over high heat, then put the soaked fungus in the pot, cook it a little, then drizzle with water starch, stir quickly, and sprinkle an appropriate amount of green onion,In this way, the Northeast soft-boiled tofu is ready.

The method of Tofu Soft-boiled Tofu is relatively simple. Put the tofu in salt water for a while before making it. This will ensure that the tofu is smooth and tender, and it will not easily break when it is fried.