[How to make fondant flower cake]_Homemade way of making fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake

[How to make fondant flower cake]_Homemade way of making fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake

It is now entering the early autumn season, so making some delicious dishes at this time, and supplementing the family with nutrition will have very good results.

Today I will introduce a cream fondant cake suitable for autumn supplements.


Prepare materials.


Place hot water in a bowl, add fish gelatin powder and stir until completely melted.


twenty one
Add maltose and stir well.


1 Prepare food coloring.


2 Pour the liquid into the barrel of the toaster while it is still hot (if it is cold, heat it in the microwave for a few seconds), quickly add powdered sugar, white oil, and tata flour;Fondant.


12 Take a piece of sugar mass, add food coloring, and knead well; add a little bit of coloring with a toothpick to adjust to the desired color.


21 Make a puff: double-layer gauze, put corn starch and powdered sugar in a ratio of 1: 1, and clamp it with a clip to make a puff.

If the dough is sticky, you can use a puff to stick it on top to prevent sticking.


Make good colored fondant.

Cover unused fondant with plastic wrap to prevent drying.

If the indoor temperature is low and the fondant becomes hard, beat it with a microwave for a few seconds and beat it for 5 seconds and 5 seconds to avoid too much fondant softening.


Take a piece of fondant, 20


12 roll long strips, add 9 portions from small to large, round one by one.


21 rolled up is the flower heart.

Roll or squeeze the round grains one by one, and wrap them around the flower core, from small grains to the largest grains.


Note that the heart of the flower must not protrude. Each petal must be stuck between the two petals on the previous layer.

(This is the first flower to be created, it is ugly and the heart is distorted) 14.

1 pink rose.


2 The second flower is much better.


1 green sugar balls knead round and roll into thin slices.

2 yellow roses (the last two look a bit like elephant’s ears).

18 years old

Use a leaf mold to press out the leaf shape.

I do n’t have a leaf mold. I use a toothpick to draw large and small leaf shapes on the wafer and cut them with scissors; then I use a fruit knife or a serrated knife to press the veins on the leaves.


The flowers and leaves are dried on the grill.
Qifeng cake is cut into slices.

Whip cream with caster sugar.

twenty two

Yellow peaches control dry moisture.

twenty three.

One piece of Qifeng, smeared with light cream and sprinkled with yellow peaches.

twenty four

Cocoa Qifeng smears light cream and covers it with the original flavor of Qifeng; then applies light cream and sprinkles yellow peach diced; another piece of original Qifeng winds it with light cream and covers it with cocoa Qifeng.

25 years old

Cover the cake with light cream and smooth it out (thicken the cream to make the surface smoother).


Decorate the bag with a large inlaid mouth and fill it with whipped cream. Squeeze the flower shape you like around the cake, and place the overnight fondant flowers and leaves for decoration.


Put in a cake box.


Come and see.

I watched the above introduction at home and learned to cook. It is healthy and delicious. Did you learn the cream fondant flower cake introduced by you today?