[Effect of cumin powder]_cumin powder_effect_benefit

[Effect of cumin powder]_cumin powder_effect_benefit

Cumin is a kind of ingredient often used in the kitchen, and the taste and flavor of cumin powder is relatively unique, especially when making some grilled foods, it can be said to be a necessary seasoning, and it can also help digestion.The effect of regulating qi and appetizing and expelling wind and pain.

1. Ingredients Cumin powder is mainly made by blending fennel with anise, cinnamon and other spices.

2. Features Cumin powder has a very unique taste and flavor, rich in oiliness, aromatic and strong.

It is mainly used for seasoning. It is an excellent condiment for roasting and grilling foods. It is also one of the main ingredients for preparing curry powder.

3. Efficacy Processing beef and mutton with cumin powder can eliminate fishy and greasy, and can make its meat more delicious and aromatic, and increase people’s appetite.

Cumin powder has the effects of refreshing the brain and clearing the pulse, and can dispel cold and dampness, relieve qi and appetite, and relieve wind and pain.

It has continuous effect on indigestion, cold stomach pain and frequent kidney deficiency.

With cumin powder seasoning can also be preserved and sterilized.

4、孜然粉不仅可以祛除肉的腥味,增强人的食欲,还具有防腐杀菌的作用[2] 。In ancient times, cumin was not as popular as it is now. At that time, some people would sprinkle some cumin powder on the sacrifice at the time of sacrifice.Can attract gods.

One can imagine how precious Cumin was then.

Cumin is used in many other ways besides barbecue cooking.

For example, cumin powder is also included in the raw materials for making curry powder.