[How to make fondant flower cake]_Homemade way of making fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake

[How to make fondant flower cake]_Homemade way of making fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake_How to make fondant flower cake

It is now entering the early autumn season, so making some delicious dishes at this time, and supplementing the family with nutrition will have very good results.

Today I will introduce a cream fondant cake suitable for autumn supplements.


Prepare materials.


Place hot water in a bowl, add fish gelatin powder and stir until completely melted.


twenty one
Add maltose and stir well.


1 Prepare food coloring.


2 Pour the liquid into the barrel of the toaster while it is still hot (if it is cold, heat it in the microwave for a few seconds), quickly add powdered sugar, white oil, and tata flour;Fondant.


12 Take a piece of sugar mass, add food coloring, and knead well; add a little bit of coloring with a toothpick to adjust to the desired color.


21 Make a puff: double-layer gauze, put corn starch and powdered sugar in a ratio of 1: 1, and clamp it with a clip to make a puff.

If the dough is sticky, you can use a puff to stick it on top to prevent sticking.


Make good colored fondant.

Cover unused fondant with plastic wrap to prevent drying.

If the indoor temperature is low and the fondant becomes hard, beat it with a microwave for a few seconds and beat it for 5 seconds and 5 seconds to avoid too much fondant softening.


Take a piece of fondant, 20


12 roll long strips, add 9 portions from small to large, round one by one.


21 rolled up is the flower heart.

Roll or squeeze the round grains one by one, and wrap them around the flower core, from small grains to the largest grains.


Note that the heart of the flower must not protrude. Each petal must be stuck between the two petals on the previous layer.

(This is the first flower to be created, it is ugly and the heart is distorted) 14.

1 pink rose.


2 The second flower is much better.


1 green sugar balls knead round and roll into thin slices.

2 yellow roses (the last two look a bit like elephant’s ears).

18 years old

Use a leaf mold to press out the leaf shape.

I do n’t have a leaf mold. I use a toothpick to draw large and small leaf shapes on the wafer and cut them with scissors; then I use a fruit knife or a serrated knife to press the veins on the leaves.


The flowers and leaves are dried on the grill.
Qifeng cake is cut into slices.

Whip cream with caster sugar.

twenty two

Yellow peaches control dry moisture.

twenty three.

One piece of Qifeng, smeared with light cream and sprinkled with yellow peaches.

twenty four

Cocoa Qifeng smears light cream and covers it with the original flavor of Qifeng; then applies light cream and sprinkles yellow peach diced; another piece of original Qifeng winds it with light cream and covers it with cocoa Qifeng.

25 years old

Cover the cake with light cream and smooth it out (thicken the cream to make the surface smoother).


Decorate the bag with a large inlaid mouth and fill it with whipped cream. Squeeze the flower shape you like around the cake, and place the overnight fondant flowers and leaves for decoration.


Put in a cake box.


Come and see.

I watched the above introduction at home and learned to cook. It is healthy and delicious. Did you learn the cream fondant flower cake introduced by you today?

[How to eat green olives]_How to make_How to make

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[How to make whole wheat cranberry toast]_Home-made method of whole wheat cranberry toast_How to make whole wheat cranberry toast_How to make whole wheat cranberry toast

[How to make whole wheat cranberry toast]_Home-made method of whole wheat cranberry toast_How to make whole wheat cranberry toast_How to make whole wheat cranberry toast

People’s living conditions are better, and they are beginning to pay attention to health.

However, many people have a huge misunderstanding about health, and health is not a health medicine, or it costs money to maintain it.

Health is a mentality, it requires you to start at the bottom of life, such as diet.

Well, now I will introduce the practice of whole wheat cranberry toast.


1 Prepare the main dough material.


After mixing and kneading the 212 medium materials into a ball, put it in a warm place to wake up to 4-5 times the size (3-4 hours). I can use it overnight.


Tear the medium-sized dough into small pieces, mix with all materials except peanuts, and knead until the dough is elastic and add the paste.


Knead to the full stage and add dried cranberries.


1 cover to wake up to 2 times as large.


2Fold the method and mix the dried cranberries with the dough.


Exhaust for fifteen minutes.


Roll out into a tongue shape.


Fold it up again.


Turn the other side 90 degrees and roll it longer.


Then roll it up.

Put it in a toast box.


Wake up to eight or nine minutes.


Put in a preheated oven at 175 degrees for 26-30 minutes.

There are many opportunities to visit relatives and friends during the period. If you can make whole wheat cranberry toast by yourself, can you “show off” in front of relatives and friends?

Think of yourself being happy.

Seven major institutions rush to study 13 ETC concept stocks during the year

Seven major institutions rush to study 13 ETC concept stocks during the year

Original title: Seven major institutions rushed to study 13 “ETC concept stocks” during the year. Our reporter Zhou Shangyue recently promoted the arrival of the ETC era, and the popularity of A-share “ETC concept” has risen rapidly.

Since the beginning of this year, seven major financial institutions including banks, funds, securities firms, insurance, trusts, asset management, and private equity have focused on ETC-related listed companies and gathered together 13 ETC concept stocks.

  In June, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport’s “Implementation Plan for Fast Promotion of Electronic Non-stop and Express Toll Application Services on Expressways” showed that by the end of December 2019, the number of ETC users nationwide had exceeded 1.

800 million, full ETC coverage of expressway toll stations, ETC lanes become the main toll lanes, trucks realize non-stop toll collection, expressway non-stop fast toll rates reach 90% or more, all manual toll lanes support electronic payment methods such as mobile paymentImprove the service level of toll collection on expressways.

This will further promote the development of ETC business.

  Catalyzed by the policy dividend, the ETC concept segment is ready to be popular.

After the market opened on July 9, the daily limit of Watson New Materials led the rise of the ETC concept sector, showing strong momentum.

  From the perspective of institutional research, there are currently 13 ETC concept stocks accepted for institutional research, including Qianfang Technology, Jinyi Technology, Haoyun Technology, Wanji Technology, Digital Government Communication, Yinjiang Stock, Dongfangtong, Xingshuier, DigitalTechnology, New World, Tianyu Information, Huaxin New Materials, Ziguang Guowei.

  Among them, Qianfang Technology was the most sought after by institutions. It was investigated 78 times during the year, including 26 investigations by 18 securities firms, 27 investigations by 24 fund companies, 8 佛山桑拿网 investigations by 6 private equity companies, and 3 investigations by 3 insurance companies.7 investigations were conducted by 7 asset management companies, and 5 investigations were conducted by 5 other institutions.

In terms of attention, 13 securities companies published 21 research reports recommending Qianfang Technology during the year, and Anxin Securities gave the highest target price of 26 yuan / share.

Among them, Southwest Securities gave Qianfang Technology a “Buy” rating for the first time, and Bohai Securities also upgraded its rating to “Buy”.

  The intensive investigation of the institution was mainly that Ali’s 3.6 billion shares in Qianfang Technology in May. Therefore, China Merchants Securities said that after the strategic cooperation agreement between Qianfang Technology and Baidu in 2018, the company 武汉夜网论坛 once again joined forces with Alibaba Cloud to focus on intelligent transportation and margins.Deep cooperation in computing.

Ali’s US $ 3.6 billion stake confirms the company’s leading position in the field of intelligent transportation and vehicle-road collaboration. Through cooperation, the company will obtain Alibaba Cloud’s advanced technology, product and service support, and promote the continuous upgrade of the company’s core technology capabilities such as artificial intelligence.Consolidate market democracy.

  Usually it is ETC equipment leader Jinyi Technology. It was surveyed 44 times during the year, including 18 investigations by 18 securities companies, 4 investigations by 4 fund companies, 4 investigations by 13 private equity companies, 1 investigation by an insurance company, and 1 investigation by an insurance company.The asset management company investigated 1 time and 5 other agencies 6 times.

In terms of attention, Tianfeng Securities first covered Jinyi Technology in June and gave an “overweight” rating with a target price of 35.

19 yuan / share.

  The recommendation logic defined by Tianfeng Securities is that the company is a pure ETC equipment company and its products cover a variety of ETC application scenarios. Among them, highway ETC equipment accounts for more than 95% of the company’s revenue each year; the company is also ETC.Leading equipment companies. Since 2015, the company’s annual sales of OBU equipment have remained above 5 million, and the average annual sales volume of RSU equipment has also exceeded 2,200 units, and the sales of both sides of equipment have ranked first in the market.

The policy drives the popularity of ETC equipment, and the company’s revenue is expected to usher in more than two growths.

At the same time, the launch of the “cancellation of provincial toll stations” is expected to greatly increase the penetration rate of ETC users and is expected to bring a large number of potential customers to the company’s layout of ETC application scenarios.

  In addition, the ETC concept listed companies that have been investigated more than 10 times by the agency also include Haoyun Technology, Wanji Technology, Digital Government, Yinjiang, Dongfangtong.

  Regarding the subsequent development of the ETC industry, Minsheng Securities analyst Liu Zhenyu believes that many ministries and commissions have issued documents requesting the rapid promotion of ETC applications, with goals far exceeding the “13th Five-Year Plan”. It is estimated that the national ETC market in 2019 will exceed 10 billion US dollars, an increase of nearly 5 times.

The competition pattern is highly concentrated, with high barriers.

Jinyi Technology, Wanji Technology and Juli Technology (Huaming Intelligent intends to acquire) have merged nearly 80% of the market share.

The industry has high qualification requirements, strong customer stickiness, and rapid establishment and improvement of standards.

At present, the first is the explosion of demand for ETC equipment. After the establishment of information sharing and credit systems, and the improvement of multi-device standards for vehicles, ETC equipment will become the most important entry point for the Internet of Vehicles. Even integration with smartphones will become a new mobileConnected platforms.

AVIC Optoelectronics (002179): Stable military products + elasticity of civilian products to promote profit forecast upward firm firm optimistic that military scarcity White Horse accelerates growth

AVIC Optoelectronics (002179): Stable military products + elasticity of civilian products to promote profit forecast upward firm firm optimistic that military scarcity White Horse accelerates growth

Investment Highlights: Event: The company released the first quarter of 2019 report: the company achieved operating income21.

5.6 billion, the previous growth rate was 45.

95%, a year-on-year increase of 3.

86%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.

3.3 billion, the previous growth rate was 39.

14%, the same period last year range -8.

89%; net profit after deduction of non-return to mother 2.

3 billion, the previous growth rate was 40.

78%, a range of -9 in the same period last year.

40%; the parent company realized operating income of 17.

34 trillion, an annual growth rate of 56.

64%, achieving a net profit of 2.

1.7 billion, an increase of 33 in ten years.

twenty three%.

The company’s performance far exceeded market expectations.

Opinion: The company ‘s Q1 performance growth rate exceeded market expectations, and the period effect caused by the scale effect decreased more than the decrease in sales gross profit margin caused by the adjustment of the military and civilian product structure, or the main factor to achieve high overall performance growth.

The company’s Q1 revenue growth rate reached 45.

95%, our analysis believes that the demand release bonus brought by the new round of demand expansion cycle of military products, overlapping 5G, new energy and other downstream downstream demand releases or driving the company’s revenue expansion while at the same time attributed to the mother net profit growth rateAchieve 39.

At 14%, the scale of revenue increased significantly to increase performance; in terms of profitability, Q1 achieved a gross profit margin of 32.

72%, a decrease of 2 over the same period last year.

37 points may be caused by the slower growth rate of high-margin military products than low-margin civilian products, but at the same time, the three rate growth rate is increasing by revenue, and the trend of strengthening the cost management ability supported by scale effects is prominent.Rate 17.

60%, a decrease of 3 over the same period last year.

15pct, the decline is greater than the decline in gross profit margin, and the decline in gross profit margin once again affects the steady growth of performance.

The higher growth of net inflows of operating activities was mainly due to the marked improvement in cash repayment status under the background of rapid income expansion and the significant reduction in cash occupation while the inventory size remained stable.

Company Q1 achieved net operating cash flow of -0.

180,000 yuan, an increase of 93 in ten years.

64%, the cash flow situation has improved significantly.

From the perspective of the net inflow of operating activities, the company achieved a net inflow of operating activities in Q1.

26 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

60%, accounts receivable for the same period was 64.

29 trillion, an increase of 7 from the end of 2018.

18%, which is far lower than the current revenue growth rate, and the cash repayment situation has improved significantly.

In terms of net operating activities, the company achieved a net decrease in operating activities in Q1.

4.4 billion, a decrease of 5 every year.

32%, the company’s inventory at the end of Q1 2019 was 19.

74 million, an increase of 0 from the end of 2018.

46%, the inventory growth rate is slow, and the cash occupation has been greatly reduced.

The tilt of the product structure towards civilian products has led to a short-term decline in the company’s gross profit margin. However, the volume of advantageous new products and autonomously controllable products may optimize the business structure of civilian products, or it may cause the gross profit margin of civilian products to rebound.In Q1 2019, the company’s sales gross profit margin reached 32.

72% compared to the same period last year (35.

09%) fell by 2.

37pct, our analysis believes that the growth rate of civilian products is faster than the change in product structure or the decrease in gross profit margin brought by military products; in the past few years, due to factors such as the decline of new energy vehicle compensation and the 4G investment peak, the gross profit margin of civilian productsDeclining year by year, but from the perspective of the five-year cycle, it is the same as 2014 (the first year of two years after the previous five-year cycle) Q1 (31.

83%) score, the gross profit margin for this period increased by 0.

At 89pct, we believe that the introduction of superior new products in the field of 5G and new energy vehicles will accelerate the localization and replacement under the control of overlapping and self-control.

The company is currently in the period of expenditure, and pressure on short-term expenses is inevitable, but it is expected to improve in the second half of the year; however, high capital expenditures will provide necessary support for the company’s capacity allocation to accurately capture demand release.

The company grasps the subdivision of domestic demand for subdivided areas. 5G and EV are currently in the replacement period.

From the perspective of the three fees, the expansion of the revenue scale has caused a short-term rise in the three fee expenditures; the company’s Q1 expenditures are zero sales expenses.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

19%, the company disclosed that the increase in market investment is the most important factor for the rapid growth of sales expenses; at the same time, R & D expenditures reached 1.

6.2 billion, a 10-year growth of 23.

66%. In 2018, the company ‘s R & D staff increased by 598 employees, which caused a sudden increase in employee compensation or a short-term rapid increase in research and development costs. In the long run, it gradually stabilized; at the same time, it spent 0 financial expenses.

33 ppm, an increase of 26 in ten years.

92%, the starting point of the index amortization of $ 1.3 billion convertible bond projects or the increase in financial costs. The impact of index amortization on financial costs is expected to be gradually eliminated in May 2019, while the convertible bond projects supplement current assets.Monetary funds increased by 100 in ten years.

70%, the interest income brought in first hedged some financial expenses.

From the perspective of construction in progress, Q1 2019 is under construction5.

64 ppm, an increase of 77 in ten years.

92%, mainly due to the increase in the company’s new technology industrial base and the photovoltaic technology industrial base (second phase), and at the same time increased due to prepaid infrastructure projects, equipment, and other non-current assets.

82%, the company’s previous capacity releases precisely matched the industry demand release interruption, and the high amount of capital pushed the company to accurately capture demand.

杭州桑拿 Subsidiaries’ overall performance improved beyond expectations, bid farewell to dragging down overall operating performance and entered a new stage of positive feedback. Operation improvements such as Shenyang Xinghua and AVIC Fujita provided new impetus for the company’s performance growth center to move upward.

The company’s Q1 consolidated statement revenue growth rate in 2019 reached 45.

95%, slower than the growth rate of the parent company (56.

64%), the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers in the consolidated statement was 39.

14%, faster than the growth rate of the parent company (33.

23%), continued the phenomenon that the consolidated statement end performance growth in 2018 was faster than that of the parent company.

From the perspective of subsidiaries, from 2014 to 2017, AVIC Fujita’s net profit continued to decline, Xiangtong Optoelectronics’ performance growth slowed down, and some subsidiaries dragged down overall performance. In 2018, AVIC Fujita reversed the net profit growth trend and continued to increase 116.

67%, Shenyang Xinghua achieved a net profit of 0.

73 ppm, an increase of 48 in ten years.

At 98%, the performance of subsidiaries was reversed, and positive feedback on overall performance was achieved, which helped the company’s overall performance to grow steadily.

The core military business is a stable and fast-release stabilizer for the company’s performance. Benefiting from the planned dividend of military products entering the accelerated expansion cycle, the order is designed to continue to maintain sufficient growth, and stable growth can be expected.

The current military procurement model is still the command system model under the planned economic system. The military procurement expenditure is in line with the pattern of low before high and high. In 2019, two years after entering the five-year cycle, military orders will enter a new round of expansion cycle, superimposing military reform.The compensatory growth brought about by the gradual elimination of the suppressive factors. As the absolute leader in the domestic military defense industry, the company’s military business may fully benefit from the speeding up of national defense informatization and the full installation of new weapons and equipment to ensure stable growth in performance; 2019年 年Q1公司预付账款实现0。
75 ppm, a 55-year increase.

55%, higher than the growth rate of revenue, showing that there are abundant short-term orders. Considering the company’s business model of sales and production, product delivery, and revenue recognition will continue to promote the transfer of actual operating income from the asset-liability side to the profit side, and then promote performance appreciation.Speed the center up.

One of the elasticities of growth: new energy vehicle connectors, selected domestic and foreign electric vehicle leading OEMs, optimized product structure to improve profitability, and the arrival of key customer orders in the future may further consolidate their leading advantages.

The company has mastered the high-voltage, high-speed, high-reliability new energy connector technology through independent research and development, and has been put into production to form an industrial scale. Domestic customers have covered BYD, Chery and other domestic first-tier new energy vehicle manufacturers, and their products occupy a stable position.It is at the forefront of the country and has obtained the qualifications and orders of well-known overseas overseas car companies to successfully enter the global new energy vehicle industry supply chain; breakthroughs in core customers may lead to optimization of the product structure and achieve a bottom-up rebound in the gross profit margin of new energy vehicle products.; In 2018, the new energy vehicles have grown against the backdrop of the passenger car market entering the stock market. In Q1 2019, new energy production and sales have increased by 88.

6% and 85.

4%, heavy demand for new energy vehicles will drive orders from upstream component suppliers, and the leading position advantage will drive the company to increase performance flexibility.

Second growth elasticity: communication 5G interconnection business, binding Huawei and international giants, adhere to the responsibility of independent controllable and domestic alternatives, from the development, new products to customers to achieve a full line of penetration, to promote the smooth volume of high-end products.

5G continues to have low latency and promote the interconnection of all things at a high speed. The era of digitalization and intelligent empowerment has accelerated the construction of 5G. China follows from 2G, 3G catches up to 4G, and 5G is the new big country game field. Policies accelerate 5G landing and autonomyHistorical possibility of controllable domestic substitution.In 2018, the company has provided overall optical and electrical connection solutions for 5G commercial services of the three major telecommunications operators in South Korea, and has become the only Huawei manufacturer with the title of “Global Gold Supplier” in China.

In 2019, 5G commercial scale deployment started globally. Huawei simultaneously extended more than 40 5G commercial contracts, and more than 70,000 base stations have been delivered to users. The company has become a core supplier of wireless base stations and data center equipment for important communications customers at home and abroad.Promote the large-scale development of overseas markets relying on Huawei and other manufacturers, and realize the tilt of product structure towards high-margin and civilian products. At the same time, the company continues to expand R & D investment, and R & D expenses in Q1 2019 increase.

66%, high capital expenditures focused on accurate future decisions effectively supported the company’s category expansion, and helped the company seize the domestically controlled alternatives under its own control to achieve high-end civilian product volume.

The new changes in the long-term logic were verified by signals in Q1 of 2019, and the key investment logic for revaluing core military assets under the development of the company’s model of military-civilian integration is highlighted again: 1) The company is an absolute leader in the connector of the domestic military defense field.Benefiting from the speed of national defense informationization and the full supply of new weapons and equipment, the scarce supply main body; 2) The company has been cultivating in industrial applications such as new energy vehicles, communications 5G, rail transit, and nuclear power for many years.Under the new opportunities of deterministic growth of EV and high-end equipment construction, combined with the urgency of manufacturing high-end component replacements, the company will fully benefit from industry demand release and independent controllable policy dividends; 3) the company’s high-speed backplane, optical modules, Special connectors, liquid cooling, integrated cabinets and other new products with high gross profit and rapid growth, overseas markets blossom and business development in depth, is expected to continue to help the company ‘s performance growth to buy new levels; 4) the company has a high-quality governance structure,It is believed that the self-interest of employees is closely related to the high-quality development of the company, the background of state-owned enterprises, and the private mechanism和Business outside the company’s outstanding ensure superior quality.

Upgrade earnings forecast and maintain Buy rating.

Taking into account that the Q1 2019 performance exceeded expectations is an important signal verification of the company’s stable growth in military products and the elasticity of profitability of civilian products, complementing the acceleration of the military industry’s prosperity and high certainty, overlapping 5G, EV may enter the heavy volume phase in the second half of the year, so we raise the companyThe predicted net profit for mothers in 19/20/21 is 12.



31 (original value of 11.



59) billion yuan, and the EPS in 19/20/21 was 1 respectively.



82 yuan / share, currently sustainable (2019/04 / 25,40.

17 yuan) corresponding PE is 25/18/14 times.

The company is an outstanding enterprise in the world connector industry and domestic defense technology industry that has both product competitive advantages and improved governance structure. Considering that the company is in the acceleration phase of a new round of military procurement expansion, new models of merged products have been put into production.The product cycle is expected to fully benefit from the dual dividends of military industry and demand release of EV, 5G and autonomous controllable policies.

Therefore, maintain BUY rating.

Risk reminders: 1) Uncertainty of order release rhythm and order confirmation progress in the downstream military and civilian products industry; 2) Risks of new business and overseas business market development; 3) Risk of squeezed profit margins due to fierce industry competition; 4)Risk of decline in profitability of new products leading to decline in profitability

Poly Real Estate (600048): Steady development of the real estate industry, continuous improvement of capital structure, and continuous development of diversified businesses

Poly Real Estate (600048): Steady development of the real estate industry, continuous improvement of capital structure, and continuous development of diversified businesses

Event: Poly Real Estate released the semi-annual report for 2019: the company achieved operating income of 711 in the first half of 2019.

2.1 billion, an annual increase of 19.

49%; net profit attributable to mother is 99.

55 ppm, an increase of 53 in ten years.

28%, with an expected increase in average net asset income of 7.

91%, basic profit income is 0.

84 yuan.

Comment on the semi-annual performance growth exceeding expectations.

In the first half of 2019, the company realized operating income of 711.

21 ppm, an increase of 19 in ten years.

49%; net profit attributable to mother is 99.

55 ppm, an increase of 53 in ten years.

28%; the company ‘s performance increased rapidly in the first half of the year and continued to exceed expectations, mainly due to: 1) the gross profit margin of carry-over projects decreased and increased, and the gross profit margin of the first half of the year reached 39.

77%, an increase of 4 per year.

38%; of which the gross profit margin of the real estate business reached 40.

96%, an increase of 5 per year.

68 units.

At the same time, the company’s net profit margin increased again to 18.

22%, an increase of 2.


2) The proportion of interest in carry-over projects increased, which eventually pushed the net profit attributable to mothers to increase further53.


As of the end of June 2019, the company received advance accounts 3621.

0.6 billion, an increase of 20 every year.

78%, a sustainable basis for future performance growth.

It has good sales and stable investment, and continues to cultivate in first- and second-tier cities.

In the first half of 2019, the company realized a sales area of 1,636.

470,000 square meters, an increase of 12 in ten years.

56%; sales amount is 2526.

24 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

33%, the company’s first and second-tier cities and the six core urban agglomeration sales contributed over 75%, of which the two major urban agglomerations in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta accounted for 27% and 22% respectively.

In terms of development, the company continues to focus on first- and second-tier cities and core urban agglomerations.

In the first half of 2019, the company newly expanded 44 projects, adding 8.26 million square meters of new projects, with an annual reduction of 45.

30%; the total cost is 53.3 billion, which is reduced by 50 every year.

28%; from the structural point of view, the company’s land acquisition amount and area ratio in first- and second-tier cities are 78% and 60%, 南京夜网 respectively.

The company has ample land reserves. At present, the company has a total area of 110.67 million square meters under construction in 104 cities at home and abroad, and an area of 76.18 million square meters to be developed, which can meet the development needs in the next 2-3 years.
Leverage is controllable and financing costs remain low.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s asset-liability ratio was 79.
27%, a decline of 0 per year.

05 averages; net debt ratio 76.

64%, a decline of 16 per year.

The 62 single ones have improved capital structure; the interest rate on the books vetoes 2710 trillion, and the average cost of interest resistance is only 4.


The two wings business is constantly developing, and Poly Property is on the market in sight: 1) As of the end of April 19, the contract management area of Poly Property was about 3.

700 million square meters, nearly 2 in the tube area.

0 billion square meters, of which the extension of the project area of nearly 0.

900 million square meters, and has issued application materials to the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for the initial public offering of overseas listed foreign shares and listing; 2) Commercial management newly expanded shopping malls, hotels and apartments in the first half of the year, totaling 7 projects.Asset model continued to promote brand and management output; 3) Poly (Hengqin) Innovation Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, established Poly Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd. at a 51%: 49% equity ratio, with a registered capital of 100 million yuanThe company’s diversified business continued to develop.

Investment suggestion: Poly Real Estate’s strategic layout of core urban agglomerations and accurate product positioning; meanwhile, the company’s strong central enterprise background can help the company to obtain a brand premium and low financing costs to enhance its competitiveness.

We expect EPS to be 2 in 2019-2021.

10, 2.

63, 3.

15 yuan, corresponding to PE is 6.


3, 4.

4x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: industry sales fluctuations; policy adjustments leading to operational risks; changes in financing environment; corporate operating risks; exchange rate fluctuation risks; shed reform monetization fails to meet expectations

Competitive alcoholism hurts and is inherited

Competitive alcoholism hurts and is inherited

The United States has rated the 10 worst genetic characteristics of humans, although it is reported that there are 99 genes in the human body.

9% are exactly the same in the parents, but still 0.

1% difference, and this is exactly 0.

Only 1% created 3 million different genetic characteristics including blood type and eyeball color. Of course, these differences also make a person unique.

Unfortunately, family inheritance is not always excellent, and the 10 inherited traits are called “worst.”


Competition for wine.

  Alcoholic children may be born with alcohol.

Recent research shows that about 50% of the causes of alcohol addiction are related to genetics, and environmental factors only affect half of alcoholics.



  French fries and obesity genes support the dual “backstage” of excess.

Scientific theory reveals that obesity genes can help our ancestors survive excessive desolation, but in this era of abundant food, it is bringing a lot of trouble to our lives.



  The cause of most diabetes is still a mystery, but researchers have discovered that mutations in specific genes can cause cancer.

Some women may develop breast cancer early in life, and both breasts can become cancerous.


Color blindness.

  Ten million people in the United States cannot distinguish between red and green, and only 600,000 women have similar symptoms.

This is because men can only inherit one X chromosome gene from their mothers.

A woman has two X chromosomes, and even if one of the discriminating genes is defective, another gene can take its place.


Shi Qiang is weak.

  When a child fights over the guidelines and is “invited” to the principal’s office, don’t forget to refuse them to the parents.

This is because scientists have found a gene in the human body that enhances combativeness.

Among them, the aggressive behavior of boys may be inherited from the family.



  Children born with a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, or high blood pressure are likely to follow its “tradition.”

In addition, if someone has a congenital heart defect, the offspring of his offspring may have a slightly higher risk of congenital defects.


Newborn twins.

  Although the birth of twins is entirely accidental, twins often appear again and again in the same family.

The woman carries a gene in her body that doubles the number of egg cells she produces during ovulation.

Although a man carrying this gene may not allow him to give birth to twins, he can pass it on to his daughter, so it is still possible to become a twin grandfather in the future.


acne.  Studies have shown that many boys have acne, and their families often have a “growth history” of acne.

Similarly, if parents develop severe acne when they are young, then their children are likely to be unable to escape severe acne wounds.


Glucose intolerance.

  Over the past 10,000 years, genetic mutations have caused the body’s ability to digest milk to continue to improve, but this ability has only been improved in those who have become accustomed to drinking milk.

If you can’t stand milk, then your relatives will probably not be able to take it.



  Baldness is common in men, and it may be related to several genetic variations from one or both parents.

Permanent general baldness is a very rare condition. People with the disease will have their entire body hair shifted, and they will carry the “hair removal” gene in their bodies.

How 25- to 30-year-old OL relieves stress

How 25- to 30-year-old OL relieves stress

Women in the workplace are more or less facing the damage of the crisis. In the workplace, you may be in a crisis and plan for what to do in the future.

I’m at a loss.

  Do you love your job?

How much space do you make for your promotion?

Have you attended more than one class?

If the above answers are all NO, then please consider the last bottom line question: estimate your workplace position in one, two or three years.

If you’re confused, dear, you will no doubt run into a crisis called career planning.

  The survey shows that 56% of women have been in a mechanically busy job for a long time, unable to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their interests, levels, abilities, salary expectations, psychological tolerance, etc., and make accurate, accurate and rational career plans.

When you run blindly every day from home to the company at two points and one line, you can’t imagine where your own work will go in a few years. The work at hand is just an established procedure, what you will do in the future, what you want to do, youno idea.

Repeating the same and trivial affairs day after day, there is a feeling of being hollowed out, but for the future, it is confused, and the work without reasonable planning will mercilessly bring you into a planning crisis.

  The dress crisis tells me what to wear today?

  When you continue to be unable to coordinate your skirt and clothes at the last minute before going out, when you meet the company’s most tasteful ECHO at the elevator entrance, you would rather bypass the road and refuse to be accompanied by the elevator. What is more terrible is that when yourYour boss reminds you before work. When negotiating tomorrow, please pay attention to what you can say when you dress. The crisis in dress is definitely shaming your image.

  In the workplace, the issue of clothing is not whether you are beautiful and eye-catching, but whether you are “professional dress”.

Therefore, the fact that they cannot be properly dressed, the style is embarrassing, and the image of the dress is not up to expectations, leading to considerable leakage of professional women.

How to dress is annoying to many white-collar women. Dressing is an invisible science. Surveys show that at least 60% of women find the clothes they need to wear to work and change their shirts in front of the mirror until they are exhausted.
  What about a health crisis?

I have insomnia again.

  Check your packet: stomach medicine, stability, fenpyridine, eye drops, you are not at ease because of insomnia, migraine headache, stomach pain, dry eyes, etc. They come right away.

  In addition, you also need to use concealer to lighten the dark circles, and you must take 3 bags of Chinese medicine to treat endocrine disorders.

Speaking of which you have no illness, but you suspect you are all sick, because the health crisis has let you down.

  Due to occupational needs, the health of white-collar women is affected by the working environment (such as being forced to receive computer radiation, long-term desks, evacuation movements), causing physical discomfort and illness, causing cumulative body damage.

Obviously, excessive information saturation, long-term dysfunction, overwork and a bad working environment are the main factors leading to physical crisis.

Do not think that your own and energetic body can resist any external aggression. The body looks like it is no different from 3 years ago, and may be walking on a dangerous wire.

Take care of your body carefully, do regular physical examinations and vitamin supplements.

  Reacting to Crisis Why is my reaction getting slower and slower?

  The embarrassment that often arises at work is that when you dial the phone, you forget what to say to your customers; when you stand in front of a colleague, you forget what to do.

You are as serious as before, but your work starts to appear all kinds of mistakes that make you feel ashamed. Your boss told you to go there, and you thought the end was coming.

Actually it’s not the end, but your reaction crisis has arrived.

  After a long period of inadequate rest and relaxation and lack of good psychological adjustment, if the external pressure suddenly increases, it will lead to the development of adverse emotions and reaction disorders.Abnormal, may cause depression.

  Learn to decompress yourself and maintain a good state of mind to be able to deal with sudden stress easily.

Practicing yoga, getting close to nature, listening to music, and having a pet are all good choices.

  Who is the emotional crisis?

Who will marry?

Home is magically important.

  You are lonely like never before, but you hate getting married.

You read countless men, but either you look down on him or he looks down on you.

You recognize a good woman with good looks, but this year 25 and next year 26, good men are looking for other women.

You are enchanting and work between several men, but who do you pick?No one feels that you can trust your life.

what should you do?

Emotional crises are like nightmares, affecting your quality of life as a woman.

  White-collar women are affected by external factors such as busy work, high occupational pressure, and narrow communication circle, which delay their emotional life, or the current emotional life is unsatisfactory, and they often appear weightless emotionally.

  If you haven’t made up your mind to stay single for a lifetime, don’t hesitate anymore and make your choice now.

If you haven’t found the person you love, marry the one who loves you the most and enjoy the love he gives you with your heart.

Psychologist teaches you to relieve work stress

Psychologist teaches you to relieve work stress

Q: For newcomers in the workplace, how to deal with the relationship with leaders and colleagues?

  A: Interpersonal relationships are the first priority of workplace stress. Especially for professionals in large companies, good interpersonal relationships are a necessary condition for a comfortable work and life.

Attention should be paid in communication: effective communication (that can make people feel happy), quality of communication (based on the mutual trust between people’s faces and the real cause of feelings, cheerful, lively and humorous, etc. are good relationshipsImportant qualities) and the need for interaction (the reason why help in times of adversity is far less memorable than support in times of adversity is because the needs of the two are very different).

  In addition, there are different interpersonal strategies for dealing with different people. We must respect our superiors, understand our colleagues, seek common development for our subordinates, and treat each other with ease, and we must contact our friends frequently.

  Question: Middle-aged people have the most pressure. There are old and young, and the unit has leadership.

Ask the doctor for advice on how to bring middle-aged people to relax.

  A: It is recommended that when you feel too stressed, you can learn to actively vent your anger, tell your relatives, classmates, and friends to let the depression out; 参加 participate in recreation or sports activities, increase your interest, and adjust your emotions;  When there is a contradiction between needs and possibilities, make some choices. If things go wrong, you must re-evaluate. You ca n’t expect too much, and you ca n’t blindly pursue; recommend “5-minute laugh therapy” and “shout therapy” to relieve stress,Promoting health has better results.

  Question: Some serious mistakes have been made in the past period of work. The unit notified the critics and blame themselves internally. The sleep in the recent period is very bad, and the work efficiency is very low. What should I do?

  A: You need to think differently.

First of all, it is impossible for people not to make mistakes. The key is to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Secondly, mistakes can be a good thing. You can understand the shortcomings of your work and personality and correct them in a timely manner. Finally, how to treat leadersCriticism is very important. The behavior of the leader is first of all in terms of things, standing on the standpoint of the need for management and the need for the normal operation of the enterprise, not on the individual; if this treatment is fair, it should be accepted calmlyIn order to truly integrate into this group, if you simply blame or evade, you will not solve the problem, but will leave a shadow in your memory.

  Question: How do I adjust my mindset when I enter a new working environment and I am not used to it?

  Answer: When a person enters a new environment, the effect of adaptation constantly changes the way he reacts until he succeeds.

Therefore, when a person faces inadaptation, he must maintain a mentality of actively solving the problem and actively find a response method to successfully solve the problem. Any one of the reactions can be adapted to the problem as long as it can alleviate the tension caused by one’s needs.solve.

  How to carry out psychological debugging can be divided into: 1.

Psychological adjustment of roles is the change of role psychology: In society, each individual plays a certain role, and in the life of a person, it is often necessary to constantly change the role that he plays. This process requires psychological adjustment;  2.

Socio-psychological adjustment: It is mainly the renewal of human values, the reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts and the recognition of multiculturalism, which over-represents personal interests rather than the interests of people, teams and society, which will lead to intensified competition among peopleRelationship conflicts have increased, and people generally feel indifferent, and so on. In these areas, psychological adjustment is needed.

How to promote yourself

How to promote yourself

Interviewing is also a marketing technique, but it is not the merchandise that is marketed, it is itself.

How to make an examiner who has never had any contact with you make a good impression in the first place?

Just master the following 6 tips to make you stand out!

  He has been in contact with the human resources departments of large enterprises for many years. Peng Zhibin, who is currently the director of the Business Development Division in DDI’s business management consultant, pointed out that according to the statistics of the two-month job site, there are 15 job openings in Taiwan.

20,000, and there are 200,000 online log-in resumes.

With the arrival of the peak season of graduation, 200,000 graduates will join the job search team. At this time, the resumes received by the human resources department of the enterprise at this time are “absolutely calculated in units of ‘100’,” said Peng Zhibin.

It is not easy for a fresh person who intends to apply for a well-known company to be interviewed.

Peng Zhibin reminded fresh people in the workplace that they must master the three principles of “Look Good, Smile Good, Be on time”.

  During the interview, no matter how little time you have to interview the examiner?
In 10 minutes, I still have the opportunity to have more than half an hour of in-depth talks. Think about the fact that you were selected from the “hundreds out of ten, one out of 100”. Each interview is not easy, so you should prepare carefully and take it seriously.Brilliant performance.

  However, in such a limited time, how to make an examiner who has never had any contact with you make a good impression in the first place?

The following are five tips for you to stand out in the interview, to help you pass the challenge and win the examination in the eyes of the examiner.

  Should: Dress well, be polite, and talk confidently and confidently for the first 3 minutes. Your dress, manners, and intonation are reflected in the eyes of the examiner.

Appropriate costume appearance, energetic and confident tone, will definitely have extra points.

  In clothing, Zhang Yiyu, who has been a flight attendant for 5 years and is currently a lecturer at Wanguan Cultural Education Institution, said that it is best to match the characteristics of the application industry. Men wear suits and ties, women wear two-piece suits, skin color stockings, high heels,It is the least rude dress in the workplace. “It is best that girls buy a pair of slightly high-heeled shoes to practice in the first half of graduation,” Zhang said, smiling. Nowadays young people are used to wearing sneakers and jeans.Wearing high heels will inevitably make you feel like something is wrong. “Sometimes I really walk on the stage and smash!”

“She cited the flight attendant application as an example.

  Zhang Yuyu pointed out that a smile is absolutely indispensable for an interview. “And you can’t laugh unless you see the examiner. It’s best to knock on the door before the smile is ready.

She reminded that from the moment she stepped into the company, she had to maintain a good mood for the interview, and always keep the smile curve rising at the corner of her mouth.

  Even during the interview process, eye contact is also important.

When there is only one interviewer, the eyes should be in direct contact with the other person’s eyes, and don’t move in a way that gives people a dishonest feeling; if there is more than one examiner, the main focus should be on the questioner, but the other examiners should also be in the processThe examiner has timely eye contact to show respect.

  In addition, the full, energetic voice tone exceeds the bonus effect.

Don’t talk like you’re irritated, as if your mouth is full of bitten eggs.

Jiang Changrong, Executive Associate of Yuanda Jinghua Securities, said that if the applicants are very energetic in speaking, they will easily feel confident and attempt to have a strong heart, especially when applying for business and customer service, especially in terms of improving their speech.

  Should: Use more specific examples to strengthen your relationship with the company. Just think about it. The other person to be interviewed every day may have 10 fresh people. How can you win if everyone is a blank piece of paper and they are all dressed appropriately
  ”If we have relevant experience during the school year, we will ask more questions,” said Jiang Changrong. If he has worked in a relevant financial institution as an internship, he will have extra points in the minds of interviewers.

Therefore, it is recommended that fresh people should not ignore their various long-term and short-term internships, working experience, and even help to promote business in family businesses. As long as it is related to the current job application, it is worth mentioning.

After all, explain your past performance through practical examples, and then you will have the opportunity to recognize your advantages.

  Should: The answer should be organized. Before you answer the question, you must first figure out what the examiner really wants to know, and then become the core to make an organized answer.

However, sometimes the less-experienced examiner will ask “closed” questions such as “Are you .”, “Can you .”, etc. Even so, your answer should be thoughtful and talk moreDo n’t just use “yes”, “good”, “yes”, “no problem” and other short answering methods, which will make people feel that the answer is stiff, and it is easy for the examiner to leave you unfriendly and dislike communication.impression.

  When introducing yourself, devote yourself to your expertise and make some plans in your career planning. Be organized and systematic to avoid repeated words and the habitual appearance of “Huh?
“” Or “You Know”, “That’s it” and other mantras.

  In addition, the interview time is limited, the answer should not be endless, the endless talk, the examiner usually does not have the patience to listen to so much nonsense, but leave you a bad impression of “lack of organizational ability”.

  After that, Peng Zhibin provided a reply tip.

Many people like to talk about things from scratch, but this way can be used for chatting, not for interviews.

It’s best to point out some of the main points you want to express from the beginning, such as “I’ll talk about this in two aspects .” “My academic journey is divided into three stages, of which the greatest impact on me is .”And state details and reasons later.

The answer should be around 3 minutes. Once you see the examiner’s eyes move a little distracted, you should stop it.
  Yi: Demonstrate the high enthusiasm of many HR executives at the company, which attaches great importance to this point.

Xu Yange, the manager of the human resources department of Alexander Group, remembers that there was a job applicant who printed the company’s website information and marked the cleared areas one by one. At the end of the interview, these questions were raised one by one to make the interviewer profound”This applicant is really attentive.”

  In addition, Peng Zhibin, the director of the business marketing department of American Hongzhi, also mentioned that there had been a candidate who prepared a briefing specifically for the employing company, and his observations and suggestions on the company.

All these can make the interviewer believe that you are prepared, and clearly convey the message “You are ready” and “can contribute immediately”.
  Should: Prepare the standard answer for the stalls. During the interviews that buffer thinking, do n’t neglect etiquette. Do n’t interrupt each other ‘s personality. At the same time, pay attention to the “listening” skills.Respond with a nod.

  In addition, when the examiner asks an extremely high question, don’t worry about it.

At this time, a few buffer sentences prepared in advance may be used.

For example, “It is already a trend to happen, and this wave has also continued to affect the industry .” Using this type of standard opening “pad” can help you reduce the amount of time you need to buffer your thinking.

  Should: In group interviews, the performance should be more active and eye-catching. When encountering interviews with multiple examiners and candidates, it is necessary to pay attention to their own words and deeds.

Maybe, for example, do you focus on listening when other candidates are involved?

Whenever the examiner asks a question, do you answer last or first?

All these can’t escape the eyes of the examiners.