[Ice powder?


[Ice powder?


Ice noodles are a potential Sichuan specialty snack. Ice noodles are a powdery food. After adding hot water and stirring, it will expand into a large bowl of jelly-like food.The trace amount of ice powder is low, and after eating ice powder, it has great potential to feel full, so many people use ice powder to lose weight. In fact, using ice powder to lose weight is unscientific. If you want to lose weight, you must choose a healthyWay to lose weight.

The ice powder tree is native to Sichuan, and its seed ice powder seed, scientifically called pseudo-physalis, is the main material for making ice powder.

Wrap it in gauze and keep rubbing it in water. During the kneading process, mucus will be dissolved in the water, and the ice powder seeds wrapped in gauze will be taken out.

Soon these mixtures became coagulated, and then served with diced fruit or brown sugar, and a bowl of ice powder was done. In addition to the local ice powder store in Sichuan, most restaurant road stalls can also eat delicious ice powder. The priceAffordable, about 3 yuan a bowl.

Experts remind that the main ingredient contained in unreliable ice powder is konjac powder, which is a kind of blended fiber that enters the human body and will be quickly digested and absorbed because it has strong water absorption.Sex, so it can give people a sense of belly, and low energy, with a defecation effect.

It has a certain effect on lowering blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular disease, so patients with hypertension and obese people are very good food.

Ice powder has a high glucose content, and the energy specified by the nutritional ingredients after packaging is 1,650 kilojoules per 100 grams. Although it meets people’s needs for sweet taste, it will also bring energy, and too many people are not suitable.Consume foods with a large amount of monosaccharides, so ice powder should not be consumed too much.

Therefore, eating this kind of food to lose weight may be counterproductive.

In addition, because the nutritional content of ice powder is single and contains a large amount of food additives, it cannot be eaten as a meal replacement food for a long time, otherwise it will cause an imbalance in nutritional intake in the body and cause an extra burden on the kidneys.

People who lose weight should, under the doctor’s advice, control the amount of food they eat according to their physical condition, and eat regularly and reasonably. Do not overdo diet. Persistent exercise is an important magic weapon for weight loss.

The right way to lose weight 1.

Before each meal, drink 1 cup of water or a light bowl of soup, and pad your belly first to reduce the amount of food you eat.


Breakfast should be simpler, with low feces, high protein + high fiber foods.

Such as fresh fruit, whole wheat bread, yogurt and poached eggs, oatmeal, etc.


Eating fewer meals and eating more daily can smooth your blood sugar level, avoid emotional impulses, relieve your original greedy appetite, and greatly reduce the possibility of overeating.


Do not eat added sugar (including pastries, drinks, etc.).

If you add a small amount of sugar to the food you eat every day, you may not care about it.

But after 1 year, the extra calories accumulated every day will accumulate in your body into a 3 kg weight aunt-in 10 years it will be 30 kg.


Eat high-protein foods.

The idea that meat cannot be eaten during weight loss is incorrect.

Protein is an important part of the body. If there is insufficient protein supplementation and excessive muscle loss during weight loss, it will easily cause metabolism to decline, and it will become increasingly difficult to reduce.

In addition, protein food can effectively increase satiety.


Daily exercise time should be arranged according to your daily habits.

If you work a long and busy day, you can exercise more in the early morning.

And if you want to suppress the appetite of the elderly, the best time to exercise is 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

If these psychological pressures are too great, then it is also a good schedule at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening.


Replacing some staple foods with coarse grains such as potatoes or sweet potatoes can keep you from eating or eating other greasy foods. Many varieties of potatoes are rich in nutrition and delicious.


Always read reports of other people on the Internet who have successfully lost weight to get emotionally inspired and motivated (but pay attention to identifying small ads that sell weight loss pills).

You can add a mustard, fruit or vegetable sauce to a chicken or ham sandwich to make it more flavorful.

When making delicious desserts, do not pour a layer of fresh cream directly on top.

Skim condensed milk should be mixed with a denatured sweetener or vanilla extract and stirred vigorously, so that we have a interchangeable cream.